Chicken Coop?

>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hi Everyone,,
Just got some plans off the internet for a nice chicken coop that will fit my needs perfectly. It should cost less than 200 dollars for materials to build it, and house about a dozen hens.
I looked for a long time to find the right plans for my situation. I have noticed throughout this project of re-instituting the homestead that the planning involved is quite the chore in itself, and planning is one of the most important things.
As for the question do I heat the chicken coop for the winter?(and get the eggs), or use the chickens in the fall and forgo the heating aspect this first season?
I will install insulation in the coop irregardless of the outcome of that decision. I will use recycled denim for insulation instead of fiberglass, I know it (recycled denim) is eco friendly and I am afraid that the fiberglass may have a detrimental effect on the yardbirds!
Of course these will be free ranging chickens, although I will have to find a way to keep them from getting on my porch? They must be put in the coop every night or risk the coyote's,raccoon, fox, and/or mink feasting on them. I have learned from some folks with experience that a double fence sometimes works. ( so the predators can't reach in and eat them through the fence. minks and weasel are famous for that trick)
Anyway this too will be a few years to get perfected and I am ready to make changes as needed. Hopefully I will be able to heat the coop in the winter via solar power after this winter. Supposed to rain today so garden will have to wait until better weather. Wish me luck on the coop!!
Peace and Prosperity,,,,


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