Autumn Already ?

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hi Everyone,,well autumn is approaching fast and you know what season comes next,and its time to start thinking about ammendments to your garden soil (fertilizers, calcium, lime ,etc.), I would recommend .... 
 getting a soil Ph test kit from your local garden supplier and checking your soils Ph. If your not sure of your layout for next year you should do that now (remember to rotate your crops), In case you need to add some lime or other ammendments, for a certain plant or plants.
Now is the time to start cleaning up your garden of the expended plants that are done producing.(you can use them in your compost)
Tilling or turning over your garden before winter sets in is always a good idea, it makes for much easier work in the spring. Remove all the weeds that have sprung up,(they never seem to go away)and get rid of them in a different place other than your compost pile! (the seeds will stay dormant for a long time)
You may also want to add a cover crop of "green" manure in areas that you have turned over and/or tilled up. I use winter buckwheat or clover as a "green" manure they are high in Nitrogen and can be easily re-turned into the soil in the spring and add good humus. The more work you put into your garden this autumn the less work you will have to do in the spring time when you are concentrating on starting your plants and getting them in the ground.
This is also the time of year to add a coldframe or even a greenhouse to start your hardy plants early like lettuce,spinach or peas. I recommend getting a good set of plans for coldframes and greenhouses, and you want to pick a spot in close proximity to your garden if at all possible. Hope this helps if you have any questions leave a comment or sign up for our mailing list. I will try to answer all inquiries. To get a good set of plans for greenhouses and coldframes just click on the pic below.

Peace and Prosperity to You,, Happy Homesteading, NY Homesteader

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